A disorder in a child marked by defiant and disobedient behavior to authority figures. – alternative schools and Washington boarding schools.

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New Horizons Helps Boys With Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Your Son at New Horizons Boys Ranch-

defiantteen_1We can help your son with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or ODD, a psychiatric disorder that can emerge in adolescence, in which he exhibits challenging behaviors, regularly disobeying you and, to put it simply, is essentially in a horrible mood (particularly when around authority figures).

While many teens display certain of these behaviors at various times, if your boy is excessively insolent, intentionally trouble making or belligerent, livid or ill-tempered, malicious, continually in conflict with authority, even placing blame on others for his mistakes, he might have ODD.  

New Horizons – Providing Tools to Help Your Son with Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

Left untreated, ODD is a wearisome condition, both for you and your boy.  It is important to detect this Disorder, in order to make certain that his behaviors do not worsen or become violent, possibly leading to problems with powers that be, or cause harm to himself.  

In addition to possibly having other, correctable conditions (i.e.: ADHD or depression), ODD is a precursor to other, more difficult issues such as acute delinquency, conduct disorder and substance abuse.

Useful behavioral therapy might concentrate on how to prevent problematic thoughts or behaviors from being unknowingly strengthened.  Rather, use of positive reinforcement and praise for fitting behaviors are important in successful care.

New Horizons – Where Your Troubled Boy Comes for Hope and His Future.

A supportive, Christian therapeutic boarding school for adolescent boys struggling with behavioral, emotional or academic issues, NHBR is here to help your boy learn to resist making destructive decisions, to achieve academically and physically, while learning to accept himself as a special and valuable human being.

Is your son struggling, out of control? Has his behavior changed dramatically within the last year? New Horizons can help him get on the other side of bad behaviors, anger and self-destruction. The structured lifestyle of our home-like environment will enable him to develop better life attitudes, so that he may face and conquer his problems and challenges.

We make the most of both an accredited distance-learning program as well as alternative methods, since different students learn in different ways, and at different paces.  We work very hard on issues and problems … but we also play hard. Our rustic campus will provide plenty of outdoor time for camping, fishing, hunting, equine and other outdoor activities.

New Horizon’s positive, incentive-based discipline program teaches the consequences for inappropriate behavior and unwise choices, along with money management and responsibility.  With your son’s new healthy choices (and God’s help), he’ll face the world better equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in life.

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Help For Boys With Oppositional Defiant Disorder

A disorder in a child marked by defiant and disobedient behavior to authority figures.