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Family Involvement

Working Together With Families to Discover Solutions for the Needs of Every Child

At New Horizons Boys Ranch, families are part of the solution. When your child is acting out, your whole family system is challenged. In order to help you rebuild a healthy family, we ask you to actively participate throughout the New Horizon program.

Parent participation includes:

  • Parent and child written communication
  • Scheduled Weekly calls with your child’s Case Manager or the Program Director
  • Two-day family workshop three times a year

Parent and Family Involvement

There are additional vital areas woven into the fabric of how our program operates; these areas include:

Parent Cooperation: For treatment to be successful, full cooperation on the part of the parent is vital. Treatment may be terminated if such cooperation breaks down.

Parent Participation: Visits and Family Workshops in which all take part are included in this program.

Parents are required to come for periodic Family Workshop weekends. These weekends include workshops, small group discussions, consultation with Parent Coach, therapy meetings, and an opportunity to interact with staff and other parents.

Visits: Visits are encouraged. Visitors are limited to your adolescent’s close relatives.

Supervision, transportation costs, and pre-arranged return times to the Ranch are your responsibility. Overnight accommodations may be arranged.

Family Weekends

Family Weekends take place 3 times a year. The parents and families are invited up to the ranch to be with the boys and see what daily life is like. Parents have a conference with the teachers to see what school work is being done. The teachers have one-on-ones with the parents to answer any questions that the parents may have for them concerning the boys.

Parents and boys have counseling sessions together with the ranch counselor. These sessions are to include the parents in understanding how their child deals with issues at the ranch. This also gives the parent and child an opportunity to grow together and understand each other.  A luau is put on for the families. The boys get involved and show their families how they can serve.

The staff at the ranch gets to know the families. They interact with the parents one-on-one and in group settings to show them what they do for their boys.

Parent and Child Communications

Parent letters are part of the therapeutic process for adolescents. Your letters allow your child to read what you have to say without the usual emotional responses that often are tied to face-to-face contact. Written communication give your child an opportunity to revisit and reflect on your words. Our trained staff helps them deal with any emotional responses from your correspondence. Letter writing gives you an opportunity to express concerns, share your love, and vent your feelings. Letter writing offers a safe way for you and your child to reopen communication and begin to redevelop a more meaningful relationship.

For those that have been promoted to a higher level, we offer Skype video conferencing for those that we feel are ready to communicate face-to-face. If you have a younger child with us, we offer Skype with more frequent options.

Scheduled weekly calls with your child’s Case Manager or the Program Director is part of the family education process.

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Family Involvement

How parents are involved in the healing process in the New Horizons Boys Ranch program.