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Intake Process

Placement in our program is the culmination of a screening process that includes the following steps:

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Phone call from family. An initial assessment (Student Profile) is done to determine, in general, if the proposed resident meets the entrance criteria.

Application Review

Upon receiving a completed Student Profile, it is reviewed here to determine if the needs of the prospective resident match-up well with what we have to offer as a program.

This review evaluates the presented needs from an educational, behavioral, emotional, and social, aspect.

Phone Interview

As a follow-up to reviewing the Student Profile, a telephone interview is conducted, where clarification and further discussion takes place in order to explore, in greater detail, the circumstances and events leading up to requesting placement. It is at the conclusion of this interview that a decision is made as to whether the family will be accepted into the program. If it is apparent that the needs and our program are not a good match-up, a referral will be made to help find a program that better addresses the needs of the family.

New Horizons Boys Ranch is not equipped to take students with tendencies toward suicide, or who have a history of arson, violent behavior, or perpetrating sexual abuse.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Rosie Harrell – Admissions Director or Tom Harrell, Program Director. Because of the nature of our program, we do not arrange tours or visits until we have progressed through the above stated process.

An incomplete application package will delay the process. Please be sure to include all requested information.

Once accepted the Enrollment Agreement / Financial Policy may be completed and submitted to our office.

Financial Policy

New Horizons Boys Ranch is able to provide its services at a cost lower than most programs of this type.

The following explains our enrollment, financial, and insurance policies:

Enrollment and Financial Arrangements:


All insurance coverage is the responsibility of parents. Some insurance plans will cover the counseling portion of treatment. Check with your carrier as to your coverage.


Resident clothing needs are provided by their family.

All residents travel expenses to and from the Ranch must be covered by the family.


Payment is due and payable at the first of each month and becomes delinquent if not received by the 20th.

Accounts that are delinquent for more than 60 days will be grounds for releasing your son/daughter from the program. If financial difficulties occur please communicate this to our Billing Department at 406-889-5995.

Program Costs

Please contact our admissions office at 406-889-5995 for tuition information.

Admissions Forms

After we have talked on the phone and our program appears to be a good fit for your son, download and thoroughly complete the following forms (PDF format – click to open or right click to download):

(Click the link below for a DOC or PDF that opens in a different screen)

  1. Standard Enrollment Agreement  (WORD document downloads to your computer)
  2. Confidential Release of Information  (PDF)
  3. Student Profile  (PDF)


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Intake Process

Intake process at New Horizons Boys Ranch for troubled teens.